In Abkhazia held elections to the Parliament

The election to the Parliament of Abkhazia, held in the Republic, participating in these nine candidates.

Earlier it was reported that elections will be held in four districts in Candygram constituency No. 31 electoral district of Gudauta №18, Tipscom constituency No. 10 and Ocherskom constituency No. 14.

In Candygram district extended Aidar Kvitsinia, Harry Kokaya and Jansug Adleiba said, in the Gudauta - Astamur ahba and alas hagba in Bzyb - Tamazi Leiba and Timur Vella, in Ocherskom Robeston Gable and Alashan Barcic.

On the second ballot the candidate who received more votes, regardless of the number of voters who took part in the vote. The parliamentary elections of sixth convocation was held on 12 March 2017. The deputies are elected for a term of five years.

Earlier it was reported that the CEC of Abkhazia has appointed extraordinary elections for the vacant Deputy mandates in the Parliament on 12 July. The Parliament freed four of the mandate previously held by former members of Aslan Bzhania, Alexander Ankvab, Dmitry Dbar and Yuri Khagush. Bzhania won the last March 22 presidential election, Ankvab appointed head of the Cabinet, Dbar - Minister of internal Affairs, Khagush - acting head of the Gagra district.