In Poland began voting in the second round of presidential elections

Polling stations have opened in Poland, where the second round of presidential elections.

Polling stations opened at 7.00 am (8.00 am GMT) and closes at 21.00 (22.00 GMT). Only after closing will be announced the first exit poll data.

According to the State electoral Commission of Poland, in elections have the right to take part about 30 million voters. For elections created more than 27 thousand polling stations, including abroad.

The pandemic coronavirus voting takes place by a mixed principle. Voters who do not wish to visit the polling stations can cast their vote remotely by post.

In the second round compete the current President of Poland, candidate from ruling party "law and justice" Andrzej Duda and the candidate from opposition group "Civic coalition" Rafal Trzaskowski.

In the first round of elections Duda scored 43.5 per cent, and Trzaskowski - of 30.46% of the votes. In the second round, the main struggle was for the voters of the independent candidate, journalist and publicist Shimon Holovni, which took third place, gaining more than 13% of the votes and ranked fourth of Krzysztof Bosak (Union of nationalists and eurosceptics "Confederation"), voted almost 7.5% of voters.

According to some analysts, to predict the voting behaviour of the aforementioned Holovni and Bosak quite difficult. Hołownia has positioned itself as a policy that does not support any of the existing parties. On the contrary, he opposes opposition party in Polish politics, making this the main focus.

At the same time, a significant portion of voters Bosak, having-wing sentiments are not adherents of the current President. But Trzaskowski hardly satisfied with most of them, aided by pre-election rhetoric of the ruling "Law and justice", in which the opponent Duda was constantly trying to blame left-wing sentiment.

More than a day before the opening of polling stations in Poland has come "day of silence". In accordance with the Polish law, the "election silence" begins at midnight on Saturday and continues until the polls closed on Sunday evening.

During this period prohibited the publication of opinion polls, including exit polls, any kind of campaigning for certain candidates and political forces, rallies and demonstrations, distribution of promotional materials. This is not to disrupt previously plastered with propaganda posters. Ban propaganda on the Internet.

For violation of silence regime faces a monetary penalty, the largest in size from 500 thousand to 1 million zloty (from 125 to 250 thousand dollars) - provided for the dissemination of opinion polls.