In Dagestan have detained four people on charges of illegal arms trafficking

Law enforcement officers in Dagestan have detained four people on suspicion of illegal arms trafficking, according to the interior Ministry in the region.

"Employees of the interior Ministry in Dagestan have received the operative information that 44-year-old native of Suleyman-stalsky district, 43-year-old resident of Kaspiisk, as well as two natives of the Chechen Republic 37 and 44 years engaged in illegal trafficking in firearms, ammunition, explosives, assist in the acquisition and alteration of civilian weapons under their combat counterpart, and can also be involved in the activities of an organized criminal group involved in the transportation of firearms from the territory of Chechnya in the Republic of Dagestan", - reports the Agency in the Instagram account.

It is noted that the July 11, 2020, during a search in houses of suspects were found and seized a grenade RGD-5 and f-1 with fuses, TT pistols and pistols of handicraft production, ammunition, spare parts from a Kalashnikov and a Makarov pistol.

According to the interior Ministry, a criminal case under article of the criminal code on illicit trafficking of weapons, the attackers were detained.