In tel Aviv rally dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities in the period COVID-19

Residents of tel Aviv gathered on the square Yitzhak Rabin, in protest against the actions of the Israeli authorities during a pandemic coronavirus, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Several thousand people lined the square and surrounding streets and waving banners and flags - black and flags of Israel. On stage, climb the speakers that tell about the difficulties faced by their business. Their stories, the crowd meets with thunderous applause and cheering.

"Today's action is directed to the fact that the government heard us. Today we are self-employed, sent home without pay without pay. The us government does not pay the money promised, the money paid is very small. Recent payments to self-employed was less than 10% of the monthly turnover", - told RIA Novosti one of the protesters.

Israeli media noted that the meeting is economic, not political.

Defense Minister and alternative Prime Minister benny Gantz said that the protesters have every right to protest. "Citizens take to the streets tonight to Express their real and justified concern, have every right to do, and we as a government must listen and work to find solutions... We understand the public interest and will do our best to respond to it," said Ganz.

The scene in the square there are also reminders about the need to wear a mask and keep your distance. The protesters do follow the instructions of the Ministry of health - they stand on the square on ranks according to the marks on the ground.

In Israel, marked by a sharp increase in the incidence of coronavirus. The daily number of detected new cases per week has doubled. On Monday, the government of Israel adopted a decision on the closure of the halls for events, clubs, bars, gyms, restaurants will limit the number of visitors in connection with the increase in the incidence of coronavirus.

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