Syria partially open land border with Lebanon

The Syrian government decided to open land borders with Lebanon to Syrian citizens wishing to return home, subject to the availability of test results for coronavirus obtained not later than 18 hours, according to Syrian state Agency SANA.

"A governmental Commission for the fight against the pandemic coronavirus decided to simplify the conditions of entry, the associated preventive measures. Now allowed the citizens of Syria, stuck abroad, entering through official border crossing with Lebanon CAT within 18 hours after receiving the results of the analysis of coronavirus in the Ministry of health accredited Lebanese hospitals," writes the Agency.

Under the new rules, the arrivals will have to remain in mandatory isolation for five days. Citizens who test positive will be transported in specially equipped medical centers for isolation and treatment.

The Syrian-Lebanese border was closed from both sides on March 11 in the framework of the fight against the spread of coronavirus. The Lebanese authorities three times during this time opened the border for a few hours over two days for those who wish to return from Syria to the Lebanese citizens and Vice versa.