In Moscow 20 more clinics will return to normal operation

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that another 20 outpatient clinics will be back to routine medical care after handling sick coronavirus infection.

"Now, the reverse conversion is in 20 urban hospitals. This GKB them. Botkin, of Spasokukotskogo, No. 1 them. Pirogov, Demikhova, No. 31, Davidovsky, Inozemtseva, Yudin, V. Mukhina, Pletnev, hospitals for veterans of wars №1, №2, №3, city clinical hospital №29 named. Bauman, them. Zhadkevich, No. 51, No. 17, and the hospital on Shabolovka and tuberculosis hospital. Rabukhina. Total is more than 9600 beds", - he wrote on his page in sotsseti "Vkontakte".

Sobyanin said that the majority of hospitals have returned to normal operation, complete the remaining preparatory work, including disinfection.

In addition, Moscow is 8600 beds for patients with coronavirus infection in urban, Federal, and private hospitals (including hospitals in Kommunarka and Voronovsky). Of these, about 5 thousand patients now free.

"As for clinics: all the 85 outpatient clinics (adults and children) are working as planned with the sanitary-epidemiological measures. Sixteen buildings, in which are CT-centres, only opened for diagnosis of the coronavirus," - said Sobyanin.

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