In Bulgaria at the protests was detained eighteen people

Eighteen people were arrested, three police officers injured after protests that were held yesterday in Bulgaria's capital Sofia, according to Bulgarian national radio (BNR), citing the interior Ministry.

Yesterday in Sofia in the evening there were two protests with different demands. One - the administration of the President: the head of state's supporters opposed the actions of the Prosecutor and the government, accusing them of tyranny and corruption. Another action took place near the Council of Ministers, it was attended by supporters of the ruling party "Citizens for European development of Bulgaria" (GERB), supported by the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the policy of the Cabinet, and demanding the resignation of the President. During major stake in Sofia clashed.

According to the chief Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Bulgaria Ivaylo Ivanov, as the radio station BNR, in clashes injured three police officers. One of them was injured seriously as he was hit with a bottle.

According to Ivanov, in the protests for the money involved provocateurs who wanted to contribute to the police clashes with the protesters.

"We had only one goal: to prevent clashes between the two groups of protesters and demonstrators with law enforcement officers. They (the police - ed.) were the instructions. They didn't want to beat anybody up, to detain anyone", - he stressed.

Also on Saturday, the President of Bulgaria, rumen Radev has called for the resignation of the government and the Prosecutor.

"Corruption, fear, prosecutorial racket, inaction in matters of robbery, a violation of the presumption of innocence, the smothering of freedom of speech, shameless lies and lack of justice here, which is opposed by the Bulgarians", - quotes the words of the President of the radio station.

Earlier it was reported with reference to radio BNR that on Thursday, several thousand protesters in Bulgaria have gathered in the capital to support the current President Radeva. The cause of the protests was the recent searches and arrests of the presidential adviser on security issues Milusheva Elijah and the legal adviser Flames Uzunova. They were detained in cases related to the disclosure of state secrets and abuse of influence for personal gain.