Two American bases in Japan imposed isolation

The isolation mode is entered is located in the southern Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa, U.S. military bases "camp am a fan" and "Futenma" where there are clustered outbreaks of infection COVID-19, said the Agency Kyodo, citing the prefectural government.

"Two American naval bases on Okinawa entered lockdown mode (extreme isolation - ed.)", - reports the Agency.

According to him, on American bases in Okinawa identified 61 cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection to date. As noted by the Governor of the Prefecture Danny Tamaki, some American military on the occasion of the independence Day of USA is celebrated on 4 July, held in the cities and on the beaches of party.

"We have serious doubts about (taken by the US military) measures to prevent the spread of the virus," said Tamaki.

On Friday, the US military command resumed the restriction of movement for military personnel and employees of US bases in Japan in connection with the growth of diseases on the bases. They re prohibited use of public transport, restrictions on restaurants and cafes.

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