Rudkovskaya "humiliated" Rita Dakota for luxury handbags

Singer Rita Dakota complained that producer Yana Rudkovskaya "humiliated" her for a photo with luxury bags. She announced this on instagram.

According to the artist, she was invited to spend a draw of handbags from the famous brand. This would have to be photographed with prizes, but they were taken away to other bloggers participating in the event. The organizer asked the singer to do a photo shoot with similar bags in boutique.

Dakota was accompanied by her friend who is a VIP customer of the shop, so the girls were taken to a special Suite, where they filmed the scenes for the competition post. Later the singer called the organizer and said, "what in the Holy apartment entrance is available only for the customers, making the company one million Euro turnover per year, and in Paris, a terrible scandal because of this".

After that, Dakota was contacted by Yana Rudkovskaya and stated that the organizer of the "circle" of bloggers, guard bags, is actually a she.

"And I wasn't even supposed to be and she wonders "how I got there," said the singer.

According to her, several times the producer has used in her address, the word "deshmansky" and allegedly said some things that the singer burst into tears.

Dakota addressed the members and asked them not to be on luxury.

The singer added that she had two bags from this brand. However, after the incident, she decided to donate them to the orphanage.

Producer Yana Rudkovskaja in an interview with radio station "Moscow speaking" said that "does not comment on stupidity."