The headquarters of Babariko and Tsepkalo continue challenging the rejected signatures

The headquarters of candidate for presidency of Belarus Victor Babariko, who is now in the KGB detention centre, contested the court's response to the CEC on a complaint of almost 200 thousand rejected territorial election commissions of voters ' signatures in support of nomination politics as a candidate for the highest office.

Earlier, the CEC reported that only six of the seven candidates for President gathered is necessary for registration as candidates the number of valid signatures. The greatest number of signatures were rejected, Babariko and former head of the HTP administration Valery Tsepkalo, the latter could not eventually overcome the barrier of the required 100 thousand. Presidential elections scheduled for 9 August, 14 July, the CEC at the meeting will consider the registration of applicants as candidates.

"This week we received a curious response from CIC on the complaint about the test of nearly 200,000 signatures, which were not accepted. It said that the Electoral code of the Republic of Belarus does not provide for recourse against the protocols on the establishment of the number of voters ' signatures. Even hinted to us that the false recognition of such number of signatures has no "legal significance", - stated in the message of staff of Babariko.

According to the reply of the CEC, the number of established and considered reliable signatures has legal significance in cases where they are in the whole country less than 100 thousand, and this is the basis for refusal in registration as a candidate.

"We do not agree with the interpretation of the Commission. So yesterday filed the necessary complaint in court of the Moscow district of Minsk. The protection of signatures was a long process," said representatives of the headquarters of the former head of Belgazprombank.

In turn, the staff Tsepkalo on Saturday said that the started to get reports on how the electoral commissions of defective signatures. "The vast majority of signatures were rejected because "in the column "date" the entry left by someone else's hand", - stated in the message.

It is noted that in headquarters there are pictures of these signature sheets. It is stated that "there are dates written by the signatures look completely different, and even a hint of the drawing, but the Commission rejected them".

"So we will fight for every signature... At the base of the phone we find those people whose signatures illegally rejected, and will contact them", - stated in the message.

In addition, previously the headquarters Tsepkalo requested the citizens who have left a signature in support of it, to fill a special form on the website or send the information via Telegram-bot to later connect with these voters. At the moment, more than 52 thousand people responded to the request of staff. "Then we will have statements from these people (whose signatures were found to be inaccurate – ed.) we incur in CEC and in court", - underlined in the message.