In the Khabarovsk region have extended restrictions on coronavirus

The operational headquarters of the government of Khabarovsk Krai has decided to extend the restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus to July 26, the region maintains a ban on mass gatherings and the work of the leisure centres, said authorities in the region.

From 11 June, the province began the first phase of the lifting of restrictions was opened on-duty groups in kindergartens, outdoor cafe, fitness centers and some stores of manufactured goods. In the province remain under the prohibition of mass events, working with restaurants, remains the regime of isolation for people over 65. Informed territorial management Rospotrebnadzor recommended to the government to extend restrictions until August 7 due to the fact that the number of cases is not declining.

"In accordance with the decision of the regional operational headquarters of a number of restrictive measures in the region extended from 13 July to 14 calendar days. However, according to the decree of the head of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, the restrictions can remain in force until August 7, if the epidemiological situation in the region will not improve", - stated in the message.

Mode isolation at home extended for citizens over 65, and for people with serious illnesses. Will remain closed night clubs, cinemas, cinemas, restaurants, children's play rooms and a public baths. Holding of mass events is also prohibited.

According to Ministry of health of the region, on Saturday in the province registered 103 new cases of infection, on Friday there were 100 new cases on Thursday - 96. Since the beginning of the pandemic in the region are sick more than 5.2 thousand people, of whom 37 died. More than 2.6 thousand people were cured. Currently, 35 patients of infectious hospitals are in a serious condition on a ventilator.

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