Media: Tehran will return the number of constraints due to the rising cases COVID-19

Tehran authorities took the decision to return a number of restrictions because of fears of the spread of coronavirus in the Iranian capital, reported the Fars news Agency, citing local authorities.

Since early July, Iran has three times updated the record for the victims of the day, most recently on Thursday, when authorities reported the deaths of 221 people.

According to the Agency, the Governor of the capital region Anoushirvan Mohseni of Bandpei announced a ban on the holding of mourning and wedding gatherings in mosques and halls respectively, as in Tehran, a growing number of infections.

This decision comes after expressed by Iran's leadership out of concern that such activities significantly increase the risks of the spread of coronavirus due to the large crowds of people.

In addition, according to the Agency, the headquarters for combating coronavirus in Tehran decided on the week to close gyms, and swimming pools.

At the same time, on the part of staff to the Governor of Tehran received a request to prohibit the Assembly of more than 10 people.

In General, however, serious limitations to the operation of business enterprises, involving a large crowd of people, was not accepted. In late may, the Iranian authorities have given the green light to the work outlets with the greatest risk of the spread of coronavirus, in April to resume work in less dangerous places.

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani on the backdrop of the spread of the disease has been reported that the government cannot afford to shut down the country's economy, stating the need to comply with medical requirements, including the wearing of masks compulsory in enclosed spaces and public spaces on July 5.

The epidemiological situation in Iran is evolving in leaps and bounds: going in late March - early April, a jump of infections (more than 3 thousand cases per day), the country in early may recorded less than a thousand occasions, after which the situation again began to deteriorate, so that in early June set a new record zarahemla beating the March figure. Along with this, in the last month significantly increased mortality from double-digit to three-digit. The authorities say that the country is still experiencing the first wave of coronavirus.

Currently in Iran on February 19, when authorities first announced the coronavirus, identified more than 255 thousand cases of infection, of which 12.6 thousand fatalities. Recovered order 217,7 thousand people.

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