In Poland commemorated the victims of the Volyn massacre

The memory of the victims of the Volyn massacre was commemorated in Poland on Saturday, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The culmination of the events of 1943, which is called Volyn massacre, is considered to be July 11 - the day of Ukrainian nationalists simultaneously attacked about 150 Polish villages. Polish historians regard the Volyn massacre as genocide and ethnic cleansing and declare the death, according to various estimates, from 100 to 130 thousand people.

Saturday at the monument to the Volhynia square in Warsaw district of Zoliborz gathered the descendants of the victims of the Volyn massacre, representatives of government bodies, local authorities, public and youth organizations.

This year commemorative events are held without much panache as the next day – Sunday – will be held the second round of presidential elections. In particular, the authorities refrained from making speeches during the solemn meeting.

The participants laid wreaths to the monument to the victims of the Volyn massacre, was given a gun salute.

Earlier, wreaths were also laid at the monument to the Unknown soldier on Pilsudski square in Warsaw.

On this day in the churches of Poland held worship in memory of the victims of the Volyn massacre.

The question of interpretation of the Volyn massacre, as well as relations to the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalists of the times of OUN-UPA* is one of the most difficult issues in relations between Poland and Ukraine.

In the summer of 2016, the lower house of the Polish Parliament adopted a resolution on the recognition of 11 July as the National day of remembrance of the victims of the genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the inhabitants of the II Polish Republic in the years 1943-1945. According to the version of the Polish side, the mass killings took place in 1939-1945 supporters of the OUN-UPA against the Polish population of Volhynia, Eastern Galicia and South-Eastern provinces of the II Polish Republic.

Ukrainian researchers believe these events are the consequences of the war of the Polish home Army against the UPA, which was attended by the civilian population of the region. Their losses of the Ukrainian side is estimated in 10-20 thousand people.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a statement condemning the decision of the Polish Sejm on the recognition of the Volyn massacre as genocide. Ukrainian MPs believe that the decision "jeopardized the political and diplomatic developments of the two countries".*Banned in Russia as extremist organization