The authorities should decisively deal with the crisis, Kudrin said

The government needs to act more decisively in combating the current crisis, providing more substantial support to the economy and population, said the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin, speaking on Saturday from lecture to graduates of the Russian economic school (NES).

"We are a little slow to respond to the challenges of this crisis, which is not similar (to the crises of previous years - ed.) and our old formulas don't always work. That's why we need to act more decisively," said Kudrin.

He reminded that in the 2008-2009 crisis, the Russian government acted faster than other countries, so Russia has managed to successfully keep up with him.

The head of audit chamber noted in particular that the low debt burden of Russia is a good reserve to combat the crisis, which the authorities had more serious play during a pandemic.

"I think this provision is little used: we could easily take 2 or 3 trillion more and keep both the population and the economy," Kudrin said. "I support the position of economists when they said that the need to support the Russian economy in this crisis," he added.