Double-deck Boeing 747 arrived in Crimea from Vladivostok direct flight

Double-deck 522-seater Boeing 747 for the first time in the history of the Peninsula arrived on Saturday in the Crimea with a full load on a direct flight from Vladivostok, reported press-service of the airport of Simferopol.

The first flight from Vladivostok to the airport "Simferopol" met water "arch of welcome". The Boeing 747, whose height is eight meters, and a wingspan of 65 meters, passed through to each other from fire trucks to the water jets, reported in a press-service. Direct flights between the capitals of the Crimea, and the Maritime provinces for the first time in the modern history of the country was opened by the airline "Russia", jointly with the tour operator "Biblio-Globus". Earlier flights from Vladivostok were performed with intermediate landings at other airports.

"For our airport, Crimea, and Russia today, a historic event happened. Publicly for the first time a direct non-stop flights between Simferopol and Vladivostok. Earlier this direction was a single flight, for example, in 2015, but with intermediate landings at other airports. Download flight is evidence of the popularity of the route. After the opening of flights to Vladivostok, the geography of flights to Crimea has expanded to 56 destinations", - said General Director of "international airport "Simferopol" Yevgeny Plaksin.

According to the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Crimea Vadim Volchenko, expansion of geography of flights increase tourism competitiveness of the region.

"Today, the Crimea has everything to become the leader of domestic tourism in Russia. This expansion of geography of flights only this contributes to and enhances the region's competitiveness, providing a more comfortable environment for the flight," said Volchenko.

Flights from the airport "Simferopol" and Vladivostok will be carried out every week: from Vladivostok on Saturday, from Crimea on Sundays. The route will be the longest in the network of the airport "Simferopol", the journey time will be about 10 hours.