During the riots in Belgrade injured 14 police officers

Fourteen policemen were injured during riots in Belgrade at the Parliament building on Friday evening, detained 71 people, said the Director of police Vladimir Rebić.

"Last night injured 14 police officers arrested 71 bully, and since the beginning of violent protests have injured at least 130 police officers who had to receive medical care," said Rebić at a briefing on Saturday.

He also pointed to the restraint in the actions to police and said that every alleged case of excessive use of force by police will be tested.

In Belgrade, four nights in a row, protests in front of the Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia, is going to require, in particular, the President's resignation and protest against government plans to toughen measures against the spread of coronavirus. Except for the night of Thursday to Friday each action ended with protesters clash with police. In the night of Saturday aggressive protesters pulled down the fence at the steps of the legislature and pelted police with pieces of paving slabs and paving stones. Police responded by using tear gas, stun grenades and physical force. According to city ambulance injured at least 20 people.

Deputy mayor Goran Vesic said that the damage to the Serbian capital from the violent protests in the city center, until July 9 was one million euros, counting losses continues.