Media: on American bases in Okinawa revealed a foci of infection COVID-19

Clustered foci of infection COVID-19 originated on American military bases located in the southern Japanese Prefecture of Okinawa, according to local newspaper "Ryukyu Simpo".

According to the newspaper, at U.S. bases on Okinawa today revealed 60 cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection, from them only on the basis of marine corps air station Futenma – 38.

The newspaper notes that in June and July in the Central part of the Prefecture held a crowded party-barbecue with the participation of a large number of American military and locals.

On Friday, the US military command resumed the restriction of movement for military personnel and employees of US bases in Japan in connection with the growth of diseases on the bases. They re prohibited use of public transport, restrictions on restaurants and cafes. To date, infection COVID-19 detected at four U.S. bases in Japan.

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