In St. Petersburg opened a total of 122 cases because of the clandestine laboratories anabolics

Police in St. Petersburg detained a former chef, sports coach and the unemployed, who are suspected of illegally producing and selling anabolic steroids initiated 122 criminal cases reported by the official representative of Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

According to her, the police received information that in one of the rented apartments at Kolomyazhsky Avenue, St. Petersburg tenants made anabolic steroids.

"Installed a resident of the Murmansk region, who, presumably, acquired in one of the Asian countries raw materials for production of potent substances, and then with two associates in a rented apartment, manufactured and packaged drugs. Then the defendants sent the goods to the customers in the regions of Russia and CIS countries using courier services and liaison offices," said Wolf.

She noted that the suspects was a former chef, sports coach, and unemployed. All of them had previously brought to criminal responsibility.

While conducting the search they found anabolic steroids of different brands, as well as laboratory equipment, electronic scales, system unit and monitor, mobile phones, receipts, packaging material, credit card. Also seized ten prepared to ship parcels with the potent substances, and 112 discovered in various post offices of St. Petersburg.

"Investigative departments of the Moi of Russia for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region initiated 122 criminal cases on signs of the crime provided by part 3 of article 30, part 3 of article 234 of the criminal code (Illegal turnover of strong or toxic substances for the purpose of sale – ed.)", - said the Wolf.

In addition, in relation to one of the suspects is a consequence of a criminal case under article "Theft or extortion of weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices".

All detainees the measure of restraint in form of detention.