In Sverdlovsk area in days died two patients with coronavirus

The number of deaths of patients with COVID-19 in the Sverdlovsk region per day increased by two, up to 156 people, said on Saturday the operational headquarters of the region for the prevention of coronavirus.

"Two cases of death of patients COVID-19. The total number of cases – 156", - stated in the message.

A day in Sverdlovsk region identified 280 new cases COVID-19.

The diagnosis was laboratory-confirmed in residents of Yekaterinburg, Alapayevsk, Asbestos, Aramil urban district, Baykalovskaya, Beloyarsky, Bisertsky urban districts, Verkhnaya Salda, Novoural'sk, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Verkhoturye, Degtyarsk the BUT Free, the city, the city, Krasnoufimsk, Pervouralsk, Revda, of Staroutkinsk Urban city district, Ivdel, Kamensk-Uralsky, Kirovgrad of, Sredneuralsk, the city, nizhneserginskiy district, Lower Tours, Nizhny Tagil, New Ljalja, Polevskoy Urban, Severouralsk, Serov city districts, Slobodo-the Turin area, Sosva, Tavdinskaya and Talitsky urban districts.

Maintaining a high level of morbidity in the statistics caused by, including, hearth in Pervouralsk, where the virus was found in employees of a company, said the headquarters.

According to him, already pre-identified violations "talk about a flagrant violation and allow you to put the question on suspension of its activity". "But exactly the effect of such irresponsibility, we will for some time to observe in daily reports," – said Krekov.

In total, the region was 15623 case of new coronavirus infection.

The condition of 191 hospitalized is assessed as severe, 168 of them are in the anesthesiology-resuscitation departments, including 77 on the ventilator. The number of patients in a state of moderate severity hospitalized in the Ekaterinburg hospital №40 and hospitals of other municipalities, – 761. The other patients are in satisfactory condition.

Per day discharged to 306 people. The Ural doctors have cured 9828 patients. In recent days, the discharges are increasingly comparable to the number of locals who had identified the virus, or even greater than these figures, said the headquarters.

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