"Rosnano" is ready to withdraw from the project for the creation of the GTE-110M

"Rosnano" is ready to consider various options for the exit of the project on creation of gas turbine GTE-110M at a fair price and open to possible negotiations, told RIA Novosti in the company.

"Like any investor, we are ready at this stage to consider various options for exiting its "gas Turbine technology" at a fair price and open to possible negotiations. Before the transaction the outputs from any projects not comment", - said the Agency "RUSNANO".

As follows from the "inter RAO", the authenticity of which is confirmed to RIA Novosti source in one of the consortium participants, rostec may redeem shares of "inter RAO" and "Rosnano" in the project on creation of a gas turbine GTE-110M. Presentation of the power company on the status of implementation of project on creation of the GTD-110, dated July 2020 originally appeared in the Sunday Telegram in the branch channel.

In "inter RAO" announced that "this work materials that has not even finalized, no action was taken and was not even discussed". In "Rosnano" said they would not comment on the presentation and its content is not familiar.

"Purpose of participation "Rosnano" in its "gas Turbine technology" today achieved the modernization project of the GTD-110 successfully implemented. The company managed to improve technical and economic characteristics of the installation to market levels. Today turbine has competitive technical characteristics in comparison with foreign analogues", - noted in "Rosnano".

Its "gas Turbine technology" was established jointly by the "inter RAO", "RUSNANO" and the UEC in the face of "UEC-Saturn". In February, the composition of the JDC was founded the company "UEC - Turbines of the big capacity" to launch serial production of gas turbines GTE-110M. This company will supply GTE-110M to the customer, as well as repair and maintenance of GTD-110M for the entire life cycle of its operation. In June, rostec reported that JDC is ready for serial production of gas turbines GTE-110M to two units per year.