In Belgrade estimated the damage from the riots

The damage from the protests in downtown Belgrade already amounted to 1 million euros, the assessment of the damages is ongoing, said Deputy mayor Goran Vesic.

In Belgrade, four nights in a row, held mass protests in front of the national Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia. With the exception of nights on Friday each share ended with protesters clash with police. In the night of Saturday aggressive protesters pulled down the fence at the steps of the legislature and pelted police with pieces of paving slabs and paving stones. Police used tear gas, stun grenades and physical force. According to city of ambulance, injured at least 20 people, the interior Ministry has not yet announced the number of wounded and detainees.

"Let's see how these monsters vandalized the pedestal of the sculpture "running wild horses" author Toms of Rosandich established in 1939 before a parliamentary building of the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia" - indignantly wrote to the Vice-mayor in Facebook and have attached photos.

"City of Belgrade in the morning (on Saturday – ed.) began to conduct a damage assessment. Once it's complete, we publish it, file a Declaration in the criminal case and the claim for compensation to the Prosecutor. Each of these monsters will be arrested and whose participation in violent bunch will be proved, will pay the damage," said Vesic.

According to him, the damage from protests to city property until the evening of 9 July amounted to 30 million dinars, or 250 million euros, not counting private cars, cafes and restaurants, storefronts and other things.

"When all have gathered, you get about one million euros only for the first two nights of the vandal attacks," - said the Deputy head of the Serbian capital.

Utilities began cleaning another night. To 8.30 am (9.30 GMT), as it was convinced the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the Parliament was fully cleared, the city centre returned to normal.