Yamal opened a criminal case due to the outbreak of COVID-19 among workers

Criminal cases filed in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district due to cases of coronavirus among the workers of energy companies, according to the regional Prosecutor's office.

Office during check of execution of requirements of sanitary-epidemiological legislation found that in the Observatory of the company "Urengoy Burenie", which is a branch of the company "Gazprom drilling", not adhered to a mask mode, in rooms at the same time lived 10-15 people who moved freely through the building. This, together with the lack of control over the medical certificates coming to watch workers led to the infection of coronavirus infection 90 people for the week, highlighted by the Supervisory authority.

Similar violations the Prosecutor's office found in the activities of the regional branch of the company "Siberian service company", where COVID-19 was confirmed in 14 workers. In particular, in the same building where the organization placed shift workers, at the same time lived the workers with negative and positive tests for coronavirus, said the Agency.

On the Yamal Peninsula was 7.5 thousand cases of infection of coronavirus infection, including shift workers account for 2.2 thousand. The compulsory isolation in the region extended to July 20, inclusive.

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