Ex-Director of the orphanage in Kemerovo convicted of theft

In the Kuzbass, a former Director of a boarding school and her accomplices convicted of stealing from disabled more than 10 million rubles, said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

"Village of the district court of the Kemerovo region passed a sentence on criminal case concerning the former Director of a psychoneurological boarding school and its associates. They were accused of committing theft and fraud," said Wolf.

According to her, the orphanage Director was the organizer of the theft of pensions from a special category of citizens who are under guardianship of the state and requiring constant care.

According to investigators, the head of the institution with accomplices, who acted as willing to issue a guardianship over a disabled or take patients of a boarding school to his home, took out victims and fraudulently obtained access to their accounts, stole their money, and then returned the patients to the institution. Accomplices deliberately chose those with a retirement account was kept large sums.

The investigation has established the involvement of the defendants in the criminal case to commit nine offences. The total amount of damage exceeded 10 million rubles.

"The former Director of the orphanage sentenced to 5 years in penal colony of General regime. Also it is deprived the right to engage in teaching activities for a period of 1 year and 6 months. Her accomplices appointed conditional punishment not related to deprivation of liberty. In addition, the convicted must reimburse the victim for the damage. The sentence came into legal force," Wolf said.