From flooded homes in the West of Ukraine left the water

The impounded flood of houses on the territory of Western Ukraine, left, said Saturday the civil service of Ukraine for emergency situations.

MIA 22 June, introduced extraordinary security measures due to the bad weather in Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions of the country. Heavy precipitation also affected the Lviv, Transcarpathian and Ternopil region. In the state service for emergency situations said that due to the bad weather, three people were killed and another was missing. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has asked the EU and NATO to help in the aftermath of the floods. Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has allocated about $ 28 million for liquidation of consequences of floods in the Western part of the country.

"As of July 11, on the territory of the Western areas of flooded settlements (349), cellars (there were 7225) and household plots (22 182) no", - is reported on the website of the civil service.

The press service said that the forces of the state service for emergency situations since the beginning of the works rescued 478 people evacuated 721 people were resettled 1324 man and transported through flooded sections of road 2565 people.