Weather forecasters explain weather anomalies in Russia

A growing number of natural disasters in Russia is caused by nonuniform global warming, has declared "news" the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand.

According to him, in Equatorial regions the climate varies little, and in the high latitudes significantly. As a result, instead of the usual zonal movement of air masses start to move from North to South and from South to North.

Similar meridional processes cause anticyclones at high latitudes, explained forecaster.

In turn, the host Gismeteo meteorologist Leonid Starks stated that the cause of the heat and drought in the Urals and Western Siberia are blocking anticyclones. According to the expert, before the moist air coming from the Atlantic, actually "rested" in the wall of the anticyclone and left the whole stock of water in Europe.

The meteorologist added that high temperature creates conditions for the formation of tornadoes.

Warm air rises where it cools, condenseries in the afternoon and returned to the downward cold air flow. After that he faces the ground and forms Smartsave squalls and turbulence.

With the risk of tornadoes and I agree the Deputy Director of the Institute of atmospheric physics of imenti the earth RAS, head of laboratory of climatology Institute of geography RAS Vladimir Semenov.

The juxtaposition of warm and cold air masses is the cause of dangerous weather phenomena, he concluded.