Experts have called the most popular in the world of malware

The attackers in June most often spread via spam programs designed to steal encrypted information from victims ' devices in return for a ransom, said at the disposal of RIA Novosti research Check Point.

In the first place in popularity among attackers in the world in June was Trojan and infostealer Agent Tesla, which is used to steal Wi-Fi passwords and credentials from Outlook. "Agent Tesla topped the list of most active malware, having influenced 3% of organizations worldwide," the study says.

In second place is the botnet Phorpiex and program XMRig covering 2% each. Phorpiex distributes malware, including the type of sextortion (demand payments in return for personal photos and videos from cameras device users) and XMRig used for mining cryptocurrency Monero.

"In Russia in June, the most common malware for the second consecutive month remains Emotet that attacked 6% of the Russian organizations. This is followed by RigEK and XMRig covering 6% and 5% respectively," the study says. Trojan Emotet can send out phishing emails containing malicious attachments or links, and RigEK contains malware for Internet Explorer, Flash, Java and Silverlight

Among mobile threats in June, the most popular in the world was the Trojan-dropper Necro - it downloads malware that launches the hype and executes paid subscription Hiddad - provides super user rights (e.g. administrator rights) you downloaded malware, and helps to implement it in system processes, as well as Lotoor, which uses a vulnerability in Android to gain root access on compromised devices.