About 120 of the borrowers complained to the Central Bank on banks for credit vacation

About 120 borrowers from late may to June inclusive was sent to the Central Bank of Russia complaints against banks because of incorrect replacement of vacation credit on its own program of restructuring, the number of appeals because of problems with the design of postponing loan payments reduced, said RIA Novosti in the press service of the regulator.

With the beginning of the pandemic in the fashion industry, many borrowers found themselves in a difficult situation due to declining revenues. To help citizens, in early April, a law was passed about credit vacation, allowing those whose income decreased more than 30%, to obtain a deferment of payments on loans.

However, the Russians when you receive vacation credit in a pandemic complain that banks without their knowledge connect your own restructuring program instead of the state, increase the amount and terms of the debt, and sometimes refuse to break.

The Central Bank said a small proportion of substantiated complaints, and a gradual decline in the number of references on credit vacation. The main share came in April 2020 14 348 cases, of which 1 634 complaints on the issues of refusal to credit the holidays, the press service of the regulator.

In may, the number of complaints of citizens on vacation credit fell by 61% to 5 652, while the number of appeals in denial of holidays increased by 17%, to 1 918. In June, the downward trend in the number of complaints about credit vacation continued, said the regulator.

"Only for violations of the provision of credit vacation was taken of the 73 measures in respect of 25 banks," said Central Bank. The regulator says that in 100% of cases the rights of borrowers on the vacation credit was restored, and lenders have adjusted the process of providing support.

The regulator recommended that the creditors to offer their own restructuring programs to provide all the information about their conditions and to fix on them the will of the borrowers. In case of impossibility of granting to the borrower a deferral credit payments under the April law, banks are advised to consider providing their own restructuring programs and guided approaches are similar to law.

In addition, the Central Bank recently recommended banks to renew the loan for holidays COVID on its own restructuring program for conscientious borrowers, failed to confirm in time a decrease in income. Under the law, if the Bank has requested from the borrower confirming the reduction of income documents, and he allotted by law, the company couldn't do it, for example, a mistake in the calculations, the client would not be eligible for vacation credit. As a result, it delayed payments for several months, assessed a penalty and, as a result, damaged credit history.

"In this situation, the renewal of vacation by law 106-FZ on its own program of restructuring of the creditor can be, in fact, the main solution to this problem," says CB. In this case the borrower can evaluate the proposed lender of the restructuring program and to decide on its appropriateness instead of the payment of arrears and penalties, added the regulator.