Vucic promised to deal with rioted in Belgrade hooligans

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has promised to deal with all the hooligans involved in the riots in Belgrade during anti-government demonstrations.

On Friday evening in front of the Parliament building in the capital of Serbia for the fourth time, the performances were ended by the attack on the police, disperse the crowd with tear gas.

The Serbian President said that the organizers of the riots did not cause much damage, and urged citizens "not to worry" about the outcome of events.

"The outcome is clear and unambiguous. The bullies are defeated, many of them will be arrested and they will have to answer for all the atrocities, no doubt," said Aleksandar Vucic in a televised address from Paris, where on a visit in connection with the negotiations on the Kosovo issue.

Vucic said that on Friday evening, the police "recovered" and was invisible, and the protesters began to fight among themselves. According to him, the police began to act to protect public institution and only when the bullies came to the doors of Parliament.

He also asked citizens to continue to participate in demonstrations because of the negative situation with the coronavirus.

"Tonight (on the protest) was 3000-3030 people. Consider that about 40 thousand potentially infected. The government did not give permission to conduct these protests. They are all illegal. No and no, which would be officially declared," said Vucic.

Protesters gathering in recent days in Belgrade and other Serbian cities, require, in particular, the President's resignation and protest against government plans to toughen measures against the spread of coronavirus. While the shares have no single organizer or a clear plan of action. Among the participants in different days were observed by representatives of the Serbian opposition, but the protesters mainly react negatively to their appearance in their ranks. So, the ex-mayor of Belgrade Dragan Djilas and actor Sergei Trifunovic under attack, and former President Boris tadić insulted.