In Austria the death toll in the collapse of the stones has increased to three people

Rescuers on Friday found the body of another victim as a result of the collapse of rocks in the South-East of Austria, the number of victims has risen to nine, according to the radio and television ORF, citing a statement by the head of the Alpine police Gerhard of Rightholder.

Previously reported two dead and seven injured in the collapse of rocks in Barenuckle gorge (Bärenschützklamm) the waterfalls on Wednesday.

According to Rightholder, on Thursday evening, the two men told rescuers that their 30-year-old neighbor from Slovakia on Wednesday, went for a hike in the gorge and since then has not been in touch. After that, the Alpine police and the staff of the mountain rescue service started searching for him. In the night of Friday, the man's body was found in deep Creek.

As reported by ORF, the total number of victims in the collapse has risen to nine, one of them received serious injuries. Eight of them are Austrian nationals, another one came from Hungary.