In Belgrade dispersed the protesters in front of Parliament

Units of the Serbian police drove protesters from the square in front of the national Assembly (Parliament) in Belgrade's city centre, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Security forces went into action after several hours of not responding to provocations and insults.

The demonstrators periodically threw stones at police and pyrotechnics. In the end, law enforcement officers used batons and tear gas, which fell under hundreds of people and policemen, and demonstrators, and journalists, among them was the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Several people among the attackers and members of the security departments received more serious wounds, to the area drove the ambulances, however, to accurately assess the number and condition of victims is not yet possible.

At the moment the order directly near the Parliament building restored, on the pavement - a lot of debris and stones, while the surrounding streets will continue clashes of protesters with the police.

In Belgrade the fourth evening in a row are massive anti-government protests. The protesters are demanding, in particular, the President's resignation and protest against government plans to toughen measures against the spread of coronavirus.