Instagram banned content associated with the "treatment" of homosexuality

Instagram prohibits the placing on the platform any content which promotes reparative therapy, reports Reuters, citing a statement by the Director of public strategy Instagram Tara Hopkins.

It is reported that the social network will expand the list of existing rules against hate speech, operating throughout the world, including a ban to publications that promote this practice.

"We do not allow attacking people on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and updated our policy to prohibit the promotion of reparative therapy," said Hopkins, whose words leads to the channel.

In addition, Instagram will no longer recommend the content associated with reparative therapy, for example, feedback about its effectiveness or posts praising or supporting this practice.

Reparative therapy involves changing homosexual or bisexual orientation to heterosexual through a lobotomy, chemical castration, normal therapy. Consensus about its effectiveness there, the majority of scientists and physicians criticize the methodology, in some countries it is prohibited by law.