In Moscow former Bank employee was convicted of theft of more than 420 million rubles

A former employee of a commercial Bank in Moscow sentenced to 6 years in prison for theft by fraud of more than 420 million rubles from 457 investors, according to the website of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

"The Presnensky district court of Moscow pronounced a sentence on criminal case concerning 29-the summer inhabitant of the Kirov region Daria Jacoway. She has been convicted of 457 crimes under part 4 St. 159 criminal code (fraud committed by an organized group)", - stated in the message.

The court found that Yuzhakova was the head credit-cash office of the credit institution. Being a part of an organized criminal group, under the pretext of opening of deposits of individuals in one of the commercial banks it was misled by citizens wishing to access deposits at a credit institution, regarding their intentions to conclude contracts of Bank deposits.

It is noted that the evidence she gave out allegedly concluded on behalf of the Bank the Bank Deposit agreements, the appropriate cash receipt documents confirming that the individuals in the cash on hand. However, received from physical persons money in the Bank has not made, and taken, the necessary data on citizens as depositors, to the database of this credit institution was not made.

So, as a result, after the review in November 2016, the Central Bank of Russia licenses for banking operations from commercial Bank depositors were denied reimbursement, provided FZ "About insurance of contributions of physical persons in banks of the Russian Federation".

"Their actions Yuzhakova caused property damage 457 investors - natural persons for the sum more than 420 million rubles and harm to business reputation of the Bank", - stated in the message.

During the investigation of the case was the involvement of Uzakbai the committed crimes, but it has disappeared from law enforcement agencies outside of Russia. Yuzhakova has been declared in Federal and international search and 18 January 2018 detained and then extradited to Russia. Guilty of committing crimes, she acknowledged in full.

After it was installed all the circumstances, the state Corporation "Agency for deposits insurance" to depositors of the Bank whose money was stolen, the damage has been reimbursed within the limits set by Federal law.

"The court sentenced Usakovu to 6 years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a corrective colony of General regime. With Uzakbai in reimbursement of property damages recovered funds in excess of 420 million rubles", - added in the message.