Popov criticized the "reckless tourists" on the Russian resorts

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that the Russian resorts today is visible to the carelessness of tourists, this is a bad prognostic sign, measures of prevention must be respected.

"What we see today, unfortunately, in the resorts of our country, spoke of the joy of those who are resting, to get this opportunity. And, perhaps, such joy leads to carelessness, which we have seen very often. And that is a bad prognostic sign," she said in an interview Naila Asker-zade on the channel "Russia 1".

Popov asked everyone who has the opportunity to rest, leaves the city and in the resort area, where people from different parts of the country, strictly comply with all applicable requirements.

"This pledge and the health of the tourists and those to whom they will return after this rest," she said.

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