Trump assessed the situation with the second phase of trade deals with China

The US President Donald trump said that not even thinking about the second phase of the trade deal with China.

"I still do not think. Relations with China were seriously damaged. They could stop the infection, but did not stop... to be honest, I have many other things in the head" - he said to journalists on Friday.

The US and China on 15 January signed the first part of the trade agreement, in which Washington kept the fee at the rate of 25% on Chinese goods in the amount of about $ 250 billion, along with 7.5% for goods with a volume of $ 120 billion. The agreement stipulates that China will buy American industrial goods with $ 75 billion, energy at $ 50 billion, agricultural products at $ 40 billion, another 35-40 billion dollars in the next two years, China will have to spend on services. So the US expects to bring the imbalance in trade with China, which totaled hundreds of billions of dollars, for a "fair" indicator.

Officially, Beijing and Washington continue to insist on the willingness to fulfill obligations under trade agreements, however, the Chinese side accused the USA that they have a policy of protectionism and thereby hinder the implementation of the transaction, and the United States started the investigation of how right was the policy of Beijing in the fight against coronavirus, and do not exclude serious consequences if China wine is proven. China denied the allegations and said his actions coronavirus was transparent.