"Words cannot Express". Who supplied the girls in the house of the rich in the United States

In the case of an American financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a new twist. After August 2019, the he killed himself in prison, the investigation establishes new offences and looking for accomplices. Possible accomplice of Epstein — his friend, socialite Gilane Maxwell. The prosecution believes that she was put buddy underage "masseuses". That is known about this story — in the material RIA Novosti.

In the detention center Brooklyn Maxwell is waiting for the court hearing is scheduled for July 14. A week ago, 58-year-old woman was hiding in his mansion in new Hampshire. The house she purchased for cash through frontman and lived there under a false name.

It didn't help. In early July, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) arrested her on suspicion of aiding and abetting Jeffrey Epstein, who forced a minor to have sex. Prosecutors believe that, from 1994 to 1997, the first year she was involved in the selection of girls to provide sexual services to the former boyfriend. All the victims were three, the youngest — 14 years.

The prosecution believes that the 30-year-old then Maxwell rubbed to victims in confidence. Asked about life and family, took me shopping, to the movies, and then offered to do her friend Epstein a "massage". In exchange for sexual services, the girls were promised a tuition or other financial assistance.

"Maxwell played a major role in search of underage victims of Epstein," announced Audrey Strauss, attorney for the southern district of new York. According to her, the girls were brought to the residence of the financier in new York, palm beach, Santa Fe. Some incidents occurred at the London house Maxwell.

Just she was charged under six articles, the main "Conspiracy of inducement of minors for illegal sex."

Maxwell denied it. However, the Prosecutor asserts that she has repeatedly lied under oath on the interrogation, "because the truth, presumably, words can not Express". Lawyer Maxwell has not commented.

In 2005, one of the parents of fourteen-year-old girls said that Epstein had molested their daughter. The residence of the rich man aroused suspicion before. The case was filed, the investigation and the process was long, there were new episodes. In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to prostitution.

He was released as part of the transaction about recognition of fault. The financier paid off the victims paid large sums in settlement agreements.

Again, Epstein was arrested in August 2019 and were accused of trade in minor girls. Then the victims and pointed to Maxwell, which, according to them, brought them into the house of the offender, where he and his friends joined together in a connection.

With many of them, as expected, introduced it Gilane. Communication in the secular parties she had: she is the daughter of British tycoon, Lord of Czechoslovak origin Robert Maxwell, born Haim Benjumea Hoch. On the eve of world war II, his family moved to France in 1940 he joined the British army, and after the war naturalized. The owner of the publishing Empire he personally knew the Soviet leaders and revolved in high British society.

His daughter was born in France, grew up in mansion in Buckinghamshire. During his studies at Oxford, made a lot of useful links. After his father's death in 1991, he moved to new York, where he began to meet with Epstein. The couple had parties, went to the eminent patrons Maxwell.

In 1999 she was introduced to Epstein, another defendant in the scandal of the Duke of York Prince Andrew. Later, they repeatedly vacationing together, Epstein was even invited to the birthday party of the daughter of the Prince. Years later one of the alleged victims — Virginia Roberts Giuffrè said that three times was engaged with Andrew being forced to have sex in Maxwell house in London, in a mansion in new York, and participated in an Orgy with Epstein, Andrew and eight other girls in the virgin Islands.

Last year, Prince gave a controversial interview of Bi-bi-si — he denied acquaintance with the girl and reported that he had no regrets about his friendship with Epstein. This caused a barrage of criticism, the son of the Queen even refused the right to represent the Royal family. According to his lawyers, he is ready to cooperate with the investigation, but the US claims that the queries Andrew is not responding.

Gilane was friends with other influential people. In Instagram appeared an account with photographs, which a friend of Epstein imprinted with the powerful. With Donald trump and his wife Melania, Princess Diana and Prince Andrew — party model Heidi Klum. On the throne at Buckingham Palace, with film star Kevin spacey. With him, actor Chris Tucker and bill Clinton, presumably during a trip to Africa on the plane Epstein. With the former President of the United States she was seen on numerous occasions, including the marriage ceremony of his daughter. Among other famous friends — who was convicted for sexual violence producer Harvey Weinstein, the rock star Mick Jagger, millionaire Michael Bloomberg, businessman and inventor Elon Musk.

Whom in the 2000s, Epstein and Maxwell had each other, is unclear. He talked about her "best friend", which helps him in the business, introduces the celebrities and businessmen. Reputation Gilane, despite the recognition of a former lover about her involvement in the abuse of minors, not particularly affected. She still appeared in public in the company of stars. Meanwhile, the Epstein case does not lay down under cloth — added new evidence, victims have reported themselves.

In 2016, the Maxwell questioned. She denied any involvement in the aiding of prostitution, and later even tried to sue the already deceased Epstein $ 600 million — as compensation for attorneys, and their own security, because "she was threatened, she disappeared". Gilane shunned publicity, and after the arrest of Epstein in 2019 and completely disappeared. Now the camera lens will show it in the courtroom. In the individual case when making a in jail said that from 2016 to Maxwell and related persons opened 15 Bank accounts, where are the tens of millions of dollars. It is dangerous to release, said the prosecution: c such assets, she will surely run away from justice.