Expert: Russian companies are not yet ready to go on their own

Russian companies are not ready for a full transition to the domestic software, as not all classes have alternative to foreign software such opinion RIA Novosti was expressed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "SearchInform" Lev Matveev.

On Thursday, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin in his presentation at the panel discussion with the participation of the IT industry, pointed out that state agencies and state-owned companies until 2021 should coordinate the plans used FOR substitution of foreign for domestic.

"I believe that we are not ready because there is a sector of the market, which and so dominates the Russian software, for example, the information security market, he's just better. As a whole go, I don't really believe... I guess the logic is that if possible, if there are domestic alternatives, Yes, but not all classes they are," - said Matveev.

The expert cited the example of design institutes who are not able to fully function, if the experts instead of "AutoCAD" (two - and three-dimensional computer-aided design and drafting - ed.) and "Pro/Engineer" (the system of three-dimensional design for product development of any complexity - ed.) will work on domestic programs. Also, according to experts, is entirely to move from using Windows to Russian companies until 2021 will not succeed. Matveev said that no till 2021, no more Russia to fully go to otechestvenny soft can't, because "so quickly developed fundamental things."

"The existing roster of Russian is insufficient to make the full transition. The situation may change in 5-10 years, but so fast it will not happen", - concluded the dealer.

In December 2018, Anton Siluanov, who held then the post of first Deputy Prime Minister, signed a Directive on the gradual transition of state-owned companies on the domestic until 2021. Currently, such a rule already applies to the Federal government. They should in public procurement to choose from specially crafted in 2016 registry. And in the case of foreign procurement BY state agencies should submit justification for this.