In Greece per day revealed 60 new cases of coronavirus

In Greece in recent days revealed 60 new cases of coronavirus, 40 of them found in the control at the entry into the country, reported Friday the national organization of public health. The total number of infected since the beginning of the pandemic has increased to 3732 people.

This is a record in recent months, the number of infected people per day – last time more than 50 cases per day was 23 April, then recorded 55 cases. On Thursday, there were 50 cases. Prior to this, the number of new cases was negligible.

After the borders are opened from 1 July in Greece, a growing number of imported cases of the coronavirus. The authorities of the country from July 6, banned the entry of citizens of Serbia in connection with a complicated epidemiological situation. From 14 July to everyone entering through the checkpoint Promahonas on the border with Bulgaria will be allowed to travel to Greece only in the presence of a negative test for the coronavirus. It was also decided to strengthen control over the observance of sanitary protocols in all enterprises and institutions.

National organization of public health also reported that in intensive care intubated nine people. Earlier in connection with the improvement of intensive care units were issued to 123 people, the report said.

For the last day died of coronavirus not just in Greece from COVID-19 died 193.

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