Kazakhstan's President called the incident with the beating of a seal on the beach savagery

The President of Kazakhstan, Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev called wild case in the South-West of the Republic, when resting on one of the beaches beat a Navy seal to be photographed with him.

According to the regional newspaper "Lada", the incident occurred on the beach in the village Kuryk, Mangistau region in South-Western Kazakhstan in the evening of 6 July. Vacationing on the beach a group of people spotted the seal near the shore and started to beat him with sticks and stones, to pull out of the water and take pictures. After that, according to an eyewitness, quoted by the publication, the seal kicked back in the sea. The Committee of forestry and fauna said that the participants of the incident will be brought to justice.

"Recently, an incident occurred in Aktau of Mangistau region: stones and sticks beat a seal. This savagery just. On the other hand, to blame the children and adolescents in the impossible. Because nobody has explained them in school and especially at home, not to do this", - said Tokayev at the enlarged meeting of the government.

He urged the Minister of education and science of the Republic to pay attention to it and to introduce in schools the subject of environmental education of children.