In Serbia, assessed the situation with the spread of the coronavirus

The Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic said he expects with the current increase in the incidence of COVID an early achievement of the high number of victims and cases COVID.

On Friday, the head of the government reported the maximum of deaths for the 24 hours from the start of the pandemic – 18 people identified 386 new patients.

"The dramatic deterioration observed in the whole region and in the world, and if so will proceed, soon will meet the targets that were at the peak of the epidemic of the coronavirus," said Brnabic at a press conference.

She said some figures close to those that were in Serbia in April.

"The worst day since the beginning of the fight against coronavirus, as for patients on ventilators was April 12, when we had connected 146 patients. And the number of identified infected – 16 April, when we had 445 patients," said the Serbian Prime Minister.

She urged citizens to wear masks, keep your distance and disinfect their hands and threatened in the event of deterioration of the new restrictions.

Two of the previous day and the daily number of deaths amounted to 11 people.

Serbian Prime Minister on Thursday amid a two-day unrest due to restrictions against COVID-19 announced a new tightening measures, particularly on the ban on meeting in rooms and outdoor Seating over 10 people. Thus, the authorities abandoned the idea of imposing a curfew, which led to mass protests of citizens.

The new restrictive measures in Serbia came into force on Friday. Completely it is forbidden to organize public gatherings of over 10 people, indoors and outdoors, a limitation of the number of people in closed spaces according to the principle of one person in a 4 square meter and limitation of working hours from Friday from 21.00 to 6.00 in the period to improve the situation.

The measures introduced in Belgrade, the municipal authorities will have to decide about the limitations of their own. According to Brnabic, resources for patients with coronavirus in the capital of Serbia "exhausted."

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