The expert told about the risk to be infected by the coronavirus in the plane

Expert travel told about some services on Board the aircraft can increase the risk of infection by coronavirus, reports the Express.

Simon Calder explained that the flights do not facilitate compliance with social distance.

This is especially true for airlines that offer food during the flight.

For example, one of the passengers told me that on a recent flight to Palma de Mallorca masks remained on tourists only as long as the aircraft was on the ground. After the air started service, all removed remedies to be able to eat and drink.

Calder added, however, that regardless of whether the airline offers meals or not, social distancing is not achievable on Board the aircraft.

"If you don't like the idea of being in close proximity to other people you don't know, then just will not fly", — he said.

However, he noted that it is necessary to begin to travel and work.