The expert assessed the prospects of development of domestic

Russian IT companies still have a lot to do to create the competition of foreign software on industrial scale, now many domestic developments have weaknesses, said the head of "cyber security Agency", member of expert Council of state Duma Committee on information policy Evgeny Lifshitz.

On Thursday, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin in his presentation, shown during a speech at the panel discussion with the participation of the IT industry, pointed out that state agencies and state-owned companies until 2021 should coordinate the plans used FOR substitution of foreign for domestic.

Now in Russia there is a unified register of programs for electronic computers and databases, it includes more than 6,800 programs, which are used for different tasks and different areas. In particular, the enterprise management system 1C, the legal system "Garant", linguistic ABBYY services, protective Dr. Web, Kaspersky, a large number of educational portals, platforms for public procurement and many others.

According to him, for very complicated things in Russia currently there are no analogues of many important systems in the industry, such as design systems, execution management systems (production processes), ERP system (enterprise resource planning), Dassault Systemes products in which designing components for aircraft and helicopters, as well as there is no corresponding level of analog databases.