In Russia expired driver's license will be valid until the end of the year

Expired driver's license in Russia will operate without any restrictions until the end of the year, according to the website "the interior Ministry Media".

Earlier, the interior Ministry proposed to adopt before 31 December of the application for obtaining or replacing passports and rights, which expires by July 15.

"By order of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia from June 9, 2020 No. 410 it is determined that replacement of the driving license, the validity of which has expired or will expire in the period from 1 February to 15 July 2020, carried out in the period until 31 December 2020. To this day, driving licences are valid without any restrictions", - is spoken in the message.

It is noted that the record to receive public services for the replacement of driving license is realized on the Single portal of state and municipal services. Citizens can also apply in person at registration and examination subdivision of the state. For regulating the flow of visitors will use the system of electronic queue. If necessary, this service will be also in the queue.

To exclude large concentrations of people and the formation of queues will be increased hours and number of employees. To apply for a replacement of rights by e-mail to the addresses posted on the regional pages of the website of the traffic police.of the Russian Federation.

"This year, in the period from 1 February to 15 July, the replacement was to be more than 2 million driver's licenses. To date, they replaced more than 1.6 million. Registration and examination divisions of the state traffic Inspectorate work in a regular mode", - added in the message.