In Ivanovo region the number of victims of coronavirus has reached 55

Two of the patient 38 and 57 years with confirmed coronavirus infection has died per day in the Ivanovo region, the total number of deaths in the region has risen to 55, according to the regional government.

As of July 10, in the Ivanovo region was 5371 case COVID-19, a day set 67 diagnoses. Of new cases: 38 people surveyed as received from SARS and pneumonia, by contact with previously sick has infected 28 people. One case was identified without symptoms, he was tested before admission.

During the day, discharged 19 people. Total to date in the Ivanovo region has recovered 3350 patients with COVID-19.

In hospital at the moment is 631 patients with COVID-19, including on the beds with oxygen - 224 people on the ventilator and 11 patients.

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