The Senator said the reason to change the status of Hagia Sophia

The decision of Ankara to Hagia Sophia are aimed at increasing the popularity of their citizens, for relations with Russia, it is not affected, said the RIA Novosti member of the international Committee of the Federation Council Alexei Kondratiev.

A Turkish court decided to change the status of Hagia Sophia, it will be a mosque.

In his opinion, the move of the leadership of Turkey were not aimed against the Russians.

"First of all, the rate of Turkey's leadership has been on the rise in popularity of their own citizens," - said the Senator.

"Don't expect exacerbations with Turkey and don't want to there was an exchange of slaps, the more that a Church separated from the state", - said the politician.

According to Kondratieff, in the Russian quarter of the population profess Islam, "and the dispute about internal decisions in Turkey are also not eligible".

"Another thing - the moral side. Were the public statements of leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church. Really a shame that they didn't hear", he said.

As regards further steps, the politician said that "there is still room for diplomatic settlement of this issue, and it largely depends on the joint positions of a number of Christian States, whether Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants and others."