In South Korea there was a petition against the magnificent funeral of the mayor of Seoul

More than 267 thousand South Koreans have signed a petition against holding a five-day funeral of the mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon. The document is available on the website of the presidential administration of South Korea in the section where anyone can create a petition.

Earlier it was reported that scheduled for Monday the funeral will last for five days in accordance with the special regulations for the burial of the mayor. Usually the funeral in South Korea lasts for three days. Media wrote that President moon Jae In plans to send a wreath to the funeral Park Won-soon, as they have to visit the head of the presidential administration But Yong-Min and senior Secretary to the President for political Affairs Kan No Jun.

"Although the investigation into the allegations of harassment are unable to spend due to the fact that Park Won-soon died, is it possible to assert with confidence that his death was worthy? Should citizens observe the media during a sumptuous five-day funeral of an influential politician, who came to suicide because of the allegations of harassment? What is the message you want to send to the citizens? I think here will suit a quiet family funeral," - said in comments the author of the petition.

Park Won-soon was found dead in the night of Friday in the woods on mount Bukaksan near his official residence in Central Seoul. Police said there were no signs of violent death, adding that he plans to investigate the exact cause of death of the mayor.

In that case, if replicated in mass-media the version that Park Won-soon, supposedly took his own life, is confirmed, it will be the first with the 2009 case of suicide among high-ranking politicians in South Korea. Then, in connection with charges of taking bribes committed suicide, the former President of the country But the moon Hyun.

Just a few days before the tragedy, former Secretary Park Won-soon sued him sued for harassment. The girl provided evidence in the form of correspondence with the mayor and said that in addition to her other victim. In accordance with South Korean law, after the death of the mayor the case was automatically terminated.

Park Won-soon was considered a likely presidential candidate from the ruling United democratic party in the elections of 2022. The longest he held the post of mayor of Seoul, as he was elected in 2011, and then re-elected in 2014 and 2018. The current term of office was due to expire in 2022. In 1990-e years he part of a group of lawyers for the first time in the history of Korean jurisprudence has won a claim for sexual harassment by a University Professor to his assistant.