The expert commented on the decision of Turkey's Hagia Sophia

Change the status of Hagia Sophia is beneficial personally to the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan, who in the face of slowing growth in the national economy tends to raise your rating in the eyes of the population, in particular among moderate Islamists, told RIA Novosti senior research fellow name of Yevgeny Primakov Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Nadein-Raevsky.

On Friday, Turkey's state Council (Supreme administrative court) annulled the decision of 1934 the transformation of Hagia Sophia (Aya Sophia) Museum.

According to experts, changing the status of Hagia Sophia could be an initiative not so much the Turkish government how much President Erdogan. "The Turkish economy is now in a deplorable state, tourists should not wait. We (the Russian Federation - ed.) aircraft to Turkey send, airspace is not open. It is clear that 7 million tourists who visited Turkey last year, Erdogan is not seen - and this is, after all, 10% of the Turkish budget", - said Nadein-Raevskii.

In such circumstances, he adds, to talk about recovery of the national economy would be simply naive. Another negative factor that affected the decline in the popularity of Erdogan among citizens, became unfavorable foreign background.

Thus, he concluded, Erdogan with the Hagia Sophia seeks to fill its popularity as soon as the domestic and foreign policy failures.

The Hagia Sophia was founded by the Christian Emperor Justinian, and was opened on 27 December 537. Cathedral over a thousand years was the largest Church in the Christian world. After the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans and the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453, the Cathedral was converted into a mosque but since 1934 the building by decree of the founder of the modern Turkish state Kemal Ataturk became a Museum and was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.