In Greece, a police officer prevented my colleagues to arrest the anarchist

The Greek police stopped to arrest the rioter who attacked police in Athens, said a trade Union for employees of the national guard and police. Information was confirmed by the Minister of public order Michalis Chrisochoidis.

On Thursday evening in the centre of Athens riots, about 200 people in hoods, hiding faces, pelted police with stones and Molotov cocktails, police responded with tear gas. Disorder erupted during a demonstration against the adoption of the law on the regulation of street meetings, they lasted about 15 minutes.

Injured six police officers were arrested nine rioters, detained 15 people.

Among those injured is the commander of the rapid response group, he was hospitalized, was announced by the Union.

The Union said that the police officer was not on duty, interfered with the arrest, "the hooded man", which attacked the police from the rapid response group.

According to media reports, an investigation will be conducted against the police intervened. He is a Union activist of the opposition party SYRIZA, in the column which were the participants of the riots, media reported.

The Minister of public order in an interview with Skai radio station confirmed the incident. "So the police have no place in the police," he said.

Chrisochoidis also said that several demonstrations took place peacefully and without disruption. After a column of the Communist trade Union PAME of seven thousand men, moved another column of about a thousand people. Its members attacked the police, said the Minister.

According to media reports, the attack was attended by about 150 people.

In demonstrations attended by a total of about 12 thousand people.