The Netherlands will file a lawsuit against Russia in the ECHR because of MH17

The Netherlands will file a lawsuit against Russia with the European court of human rights "for its role" in the crash of MH17, said the government.

Malaysian Boeing flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur flight MH17, crashed on July 17, 2014 under Donetsk. On Board were 298 people, they all died. Kiev blamed the crash militias, but they said that they do not have the means that would shoot down aircraft at this altitude.

The investigation led Joint investigation team (SSG) under the leadership of the Prosecutor General of the Netherlands, Russia was not on Board. The investigation claims that Boeing was shot down by anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk", belonging to the 53rd anti-aircraft missile brigade from Kursk. He was allegedly brought from Russia, and then brought back.

However, as was stated by the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Nikolai Vinnichenko, SSG ignored transferred to the Moscow data of the Russian radars, as well as documentation that the missile that struck the Boeing, belonged to Ukraine and was launched from the territory controlled by Kiev. Although the first day of the trial the prosecution acknowledged that it has received and is studying the data of the Russian Prosecutor's office.