Woman, shot down by police on the sidewalk in Voronezh, was discharged from the hospital

The woman who was the only survivor of three people, downed off on the sidewalk in Voronezh the car under the control of a police officer, was discharged from the hospital, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Department of health of the region.

The accident occurred on the evening of 9 June, the Leninsky Prospekt in Voronezh. According to the interior Ministry, 24-year-old local police officer drove onto the sidewalk and hit three pedestrians. A male pedestrian has died before arrival "fast" two women were hospitalized in the intensive care unit of hospital "electronics". One victim, 71-year-old pensioner died in hospital on June 25. Another was transferred from intensive care, her condition was assessed as satisfactory.

A consequence opened a criminal case under article about infringement of traffic regulations and operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person, 24-year-old policeman was arrested to testify, he refused. The court put him under house arrest for a period up to 8 August.

As reported the interior Ministry in the Voronezh region, a police officer was "free time" and on a personal car. As a reason why he lost control and flew onto the sidewalk, considers technical malfunction of the car, and "avoiding collision with another vehicle". It was noted that the police officer was sober.

To establish all the circumstances of the incident the leadership of the Ministry has appointed an official check. If the fault of the employee is confirmed, he will be dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies on negative motives, and prosecuted. Currently, the police temporarily discharged of execution of official duties. Also removed the acting head of the police Department, which serves as a suspect.