Armenia will continue its military cooperation with Russia

Armenia will continue its military cooperation with Russia in the framework of the new national security strategy, the text of the document posted on the government website.

The document also noted that Yerevan is actively involved in joint initiatives within the CSTO framework "for the benefit of effective protection of the interests of members and enhance the institutional capability of the structure." "Armenia will continue to work on improving the efficiency of the organization and the implementation by member States of their Treaty obligations in relation to each other", - stated in the strategy.

In the context of cooperation with the U.S. the document notes the importance of political-military consultation and cooperation aimed at reforming institutions.

The development of strategic and allied relations with Russia in political, trade-economic, defense and cultural-humanitarian spheres in the document named one of foreign policy priorities of Yerevan. Also, the strategy emphasizes that these relationships are based on the historical friendship of the peoples of the two countries.